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We contract directly with growers and seed certification agencies to provide our leaf-picking service.

We provide custom leaf-picking for seed certification compliance, tuber uniting, and disease monitoring. We are an all around service and contract by the leaflet.

We picked over 500,000 leaves in 2021.


Labor Load


Uniting, flagging, scheduling, picking, checking, de-flagging, re-checking... a lot of labor goes into leaf picking projects. Share the work with passionate potato professionals—spend your time somewhere else.

Customizable Commitment


We can tailor your commitment to the task at hand. Whatever your leaf picking obligation we can help. Picking terminal leaflets or picking petioles, we have the expertise.

Professional Assurance


Every picked leaflet counts. We are professionally trained in picking leaves for certification compliance or disease testing. We care about the legitimacy of the process and take pride in our work.

Potadaho Seed Services

P.O. Box 868

Whitehall, MT


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