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About Us...
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Potadaho Seed Services. Pronounced PO-TAY-DUH-HO is a partnership of two best friends who met their freshman year of college at Boise State University in 2009. Jon Agnew and Brian Smith. Neither of us went to college intending to start a potato service company, but every summer when school was out, we found ourselves in the potato fields of eastern Idaho.


In 2014, we started our first season in a tent next to a seed potato field with one client. Years later we have worked in six states, for over 40 clients, and ten seed certification agencies. We have over twenty five combined years of professional potato experience. We are committed to those with a shared passion of potato cultivation. We love our work and who we get to work with. We are constantly learning more. We are always seeking to help those with challenges and striving to get better at being the best Seed Potato Roguing Crew available.


The thing that makes Potadaho such a powerful weapon for growers in terms of seed potato health management is our consistency and response time. We know that every potato counts when it comes to disease and seed standards. We live by the mantra “when in doubt, rogue it out”. We are made up of a phenomenal crew that has learned the vocabulary and techniques for describing and eliminating risks to your seed lots. Individually, we are great, as a collective, we are a threat to any potato plant that expresses viral, fungal, or bacterial symptoms. We are a force against any potato plant that doesn't belong. We respond quickly and we are always watching, being conservative on the amount of acres we commit to every season means quality in each plot. We know that every potato field is unique, and that not all growers are the same. We know the cultivars, we know the symptoms, we know how to rogue.


Meet the Roguers...

Salt of the earth. We have worked with Some have a Genealogy of roguers. Multiple Generations. We are nothing without the people that make up Potadaho Seed Services. Our crew is someone you can trust to pay attention to the details.

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