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Say Aloha, to the best Winter Grow Out location for seed potatoes.

Potadaho acts as an intermediary for many of the services required for a successful post harvest test. We have had a presence on the North Shore of Oahu from November until mid-January since 2016, coordinating WGOs.

We do it all. And we do it all your way. We plant for what works best for your needs. We pick leaves based on your requirements and we help facilitate transportation to analysis. We offer our expertise, observations, and experience.


Valuable Analysis

The WGO is arguably the single most important part of any certification program. The analysis from leaf testing and visual inspections are irreplaceable.


We help identify: chemical injury, varietal mixtures, and disease.

Optimal Growing Conditions


Hawaii is frost free. The aphid pressure and disease transmission risk is insignificant. The leaf-picking conditions are ideal. The farm that plays host are the best growers with decades of experience and a passion for potatoes and agriculture.

Specialized Labor


Potadaho pays attention to the details. We work to be your eyes, ears, hands and feet. We have customized and scheduled pricing. Rest assured, your certification samples are safe with us. We employ the best who understand the significance of the WGO.

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Potadaho Seed Services

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Whitehall, MT


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