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Seed Potato Solutions Consultants--For Hire

We have worked in multiple parts of the seed potato industry. We know what practices and behavior bring quality seed. We understand the distinguishing characteristics of potatoes that make it a specialty crop. We want to help you.

What disease is that?

How do I find potato seed?

Where am I going to store all the spuds after harvest?

Why is all this nomenclature and certification complicated?


Potadaho Perspective

We offer an intersectional outlook at seed potatoes. We aren't a corporate or family farm--but we work with them. We offer our advice and recommendations to achieve goals. We do our research, we find answers, and we constantly try and improve.

Entrepreneurial Spirits

We have had a passion for seed potatoes since before we could vote. We love agriculture and those that work in it. We have the absolute best crew anyone could ask for. We are hungry for challenging work and problems that need solved. 

Rhizomatic Network

We have connected with many seed potato related organizations and growers across the globe. We offer an ever expanding network of growers, breeders, certification agencies, testing facilities, and potato experts.

Potadaho Seed Services

P.O. Box 868

Whitehall, MT


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