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New Potato Boots

Put your best foot forward in our custom potato handling shoes.

Potadaho is proud to announce it's latest project is officially finished with its preliminary research, development and design phase on our prototype Spud Shoes. We are excited to offer our product to potato growers everywhere with our exclusive market release of our shoes. We are still very interested in feedback to improve our design and service. You can prevent damage and make money without spraying any chemicals or agents. These shoes pay themselves off, every step you take. Wear these shoes whenever you need to walk on your spuds—stop turning them in to mashed potatoes before you sell them.

These “moon boots” are a product of our many years of potato pathological and epidemiological heritage and research. We know that every cracked, bruised, and stressed potato acts as inoculum for expensive and aggressive problems. We have worked on the grading line and had to cull thousands of dollars worth of product that can be prevented. We also think these shoes are critical during harvest and storage. The precise conditions in which potatoes must be handled, piled, and stored require farmers and piler operators to make accurate decisions. With our shoes every part of your pile becomes accessible while harvesting. You can stand right next to the boom when filling in corners or topping off the pile. Load your truck with ease by being able to stand on your spuds before you send them off to market. Stop causing damage in your storage when checking on your potatoes during the winter.

These shoes are made with imported fabric of the highest quality. The water resistant boot can be sprayed down with standard sanitation agents. They are manufactured by one of the best seamstresses in Idaho. We are known for our custom work. Get yourself a pair of our custom shoes. We can embroider your logo or label on the boot, manufacture them specific to your pile operators shoe size, we have two designs for every purpose.

We enjoy our long calf length boot during the long days of harvest. The encapsulation design prevents dirt and spuds from being stepped on or trapped. These boots feel like extensions of your feet from the placement of the straps and the use of the fastening ties. These are the comfiest shoes anyone wears during harvest.

The shorter pair are great when you need to check on your pile or stand on your potatoes for a short period of time. The quick two buckle fastener makes it easy for getting in or out of the boots. These shorter boots also have a universal design—they are made to handle most size shoes and each boot acts as either a right or left shoe.

Every shoe we have produced has a home so far. We are satisfied with our prototypes, product and market research. We know farmers will benefit from our potato shoes and our excited to start offering them as a part of Potadaho's product portfolio.

If you would like to purchase them the boots are available in our online store. Customized options are available, you can have a logo embroidered, also if you have any suggestions for making them better and more usable please let us know!


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