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Potadaho Website Update

From our humble beginnings roguing out of a tent camped in a farmers field. Potadaho has grown to become a leader in potato services in the Northwest United States. So now we have a website.

Earlier in 2018 we secured an agreement to be a distributor for Pocket Diagnostics test kits. In order to sell to a larger audience our website has been updated to include a store to facilitate ordering and shipping across North America.

We are also currently working to collect and create a manual for roguing practices that we employ, knowledge drawn from across the wide world of spuds. Our goal with this evolving document is to implement the best roguing and sanitation practices, and provide the resource to the public so that others can do so as well.

Thank you for visiting the site and we look forward to continuing to grow into our roles,

Jon and Brian

Early Season Potato Field


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